County Clerk

John Zurlo Clinton County Clerk sitting at his desk in his office

John Zurlo is the current Clinton County Clerk. He is the 31st person to hold this office. 

The first Clinton County Clerk was Melancton Woolsey who took office following the creation of the County of Clinton in 1788.

John has an impressive record of over fifty years of public service in Clinton County previously serving as a Tax Collector and County Legislator.

The County Clerk is a Constitutional Officer as this office is prescribed for as the Constitution of the State of New York. The County Clerk also serves as Clerk of the Supreme and Clinton County Courts. In addition to court duties the Clerk’s office is the keeper for the County serving as a recording office for deeds, mortgages, assignments, liens, judgments and many other legal documents; files maps, qualifies Notary Public appointments in the County; files Oaths of Office; accepts applications for US Passports; is responsible for accepting pistol permit applications and serves as an agent for the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

John is often looking to improve constituent service and understands the benefits of current innovative technological solutions which have been put into practice in the Clinton County Clerk’s office.