Civil Actions

The Clinton County Clerk has jurisdiction over the Supreme and County Court records. To commence an action in Supreme or County Court you would need to file:

  • An Application for an Index Number
  • A Summons with Notice or
  • A Summons and Complaint or
  • A Petition (in a Special Proceeding)

All paperwork must comply with the Part 130 Signing Requirements.

After purchasing your Index Number ($210.00) consult the County Clerk’s Office for additional filing fees.

Effective 9/1/2010, the fee to purchase an index number for a Foreclosure Action is $400.00.

Divorce actions are sealed files and only open to the parties involved or their attorneys. To obtain a copy of a divorce decree when appearing in person, please bring some form of identification preferably a driver’s license and a minimum $5.00 fee. If writing to this office for the copy, please send a request with a written signature, a minimum $5.00 fee and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Please call ahead for the exact fee before sending your request.

For filing a Motion or Cross-Motion, the fee is $45.00.

For filing a Stipulation of Settlement or Voluntary Discontinuance, the fee is $35.00.


The Clinton County Clerk's office will no longer affix a "Notice of Entry" stamp to any copy. This applies to all documents being recorded or filed in this office.

This procedure is being implemented to ensure the accuracy of copies of filed records. As a result, should anyone need a copy of a filed document, our staff will make a copy of the document once our barcode label is attached. The barcode label reflects the date and time of filing and will appear on all copies requested. The standard filing receipt also includes this information. You may obtain these copies at the rate of $.65 per page with a minimum charge of $1.30.

You must purchase the entire filing; we will not copy just the first page of the document.