Civil Service Exams

Unless otherwise stated, and approved for a waiver by the Personnel Director, all candidates are required to be legal residents of Clinton County for one month immediately preceding the date of examination. Appointing authorities may give preference to legal residents of their jurisdiction.

NOTE: If you are interested in taking a Civil Service examination for Clinton County you must apply for the examination when it is being announced. Clinton County examination announcements no longer require a filing fee for examinations that were posted in 2019.  You can create an account or login to your existing account and apply for an examination using the online application form.  You must attach documentation as proof of meeting the minimum qualifications (e.g., proof of high school, college transcripts ... see exam announcement for details).

VETERANS: Please provide a copy of your DD214 indicating character of discharge. Complete and return the Application for Veterans Credits. Complete the following only if you are claiming credits as a disabled veteran: Disability Record Authorization.

Veteran's Rights for Exams - General Information / Request for Military Make-Up Exam

ALTERNATE TEST DATE POLICY: Clinton County has an Alternate Test Date Policy which allows a candidate to participate in the examination other than the set examination date. Please click on Alternate Test Date Policy for details.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Clinton County will communicate with you through email correspondence.  This will include the notification of your examination admission letter, examination results as well as canvasses for your immediate interest in a vacany.  It will be important for you to keep your email address, phone number and address current with out office.  Change Form.  Remember to also change your electronic  application information under your - My Account Page - prior to resubmitting additional applications.

Still have questions?  Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.  You can also call the Clinton County Department of Personnel at 518-565-4676.