Suicide Hotline

Are you or someone you care about at risk of suicide?

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Clinton County Suicide Hotline


(1-866-577-3836 TTY: 877-829-1278)

Have you or A Friend....

  • Talked about wanting to hurt or kill themselves?
  • Looked for ways to kill themself by seeking access to firearms, available pills or other means?
  • Felt hopeless, rage or uncontrolled anger?
  • Acted reckless or engaged in risky activities without thinking?
  • Felt trapped - like there's no way out?
  • Increased alcohol or drug use?
  • Withdrawn for friends, family and society?
  • Felt anxious, agitated, unable to sleep?
  • Experienced dramatic mood changes?
  • Seen no reason for living or had no sense of purpose?

Get the facts - 

take the appropriate action. 1-866-577-3836