Civil Service Job - Frequently Asked Questions

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You may stop by our office at 137 Margaret Street, Second Floor, Plattsburgh, NY or call our office at 518-565-4676.

You may also sign up for email notifications, so that Open Competitive Examinations are sent directly to your email.

Examination announcements as well as job descriptions for non-tested positions are available from the Clinton County Personnel Office. We recommend you check with our office or check our website around the middle of each month so you do not miss the opportunity to apply for any upcoming test or job posting.

Competitive Class positions require that you take a test to be considered for appointment. You must meet the minimum qualifications listed on the examination announcement in order to take a test.

Once an exam is given for a competitive class title, an eligible list is established listing those candidates who passed. Clinton County Departments, towns, villages, school districts and the City of Plattsburgh use the eligible list for appointments to the competitive class. When a vacancy exists in the competitive class, appointment is made from one of the top three interested candidates on the current eligible lists. For competitive positions when there is no eligible list available with at least three candidates interested in appointment, a person may be appointed "provisionally" until the results of the next test are known. The provisional employee must score as one of the top three interested candidates to continue his/her employment.

There are three types of positions, which have no test requirements:

  1. Exempt positions are those where the employer decides the qualifications of applicants and chooses the person they want to hire. The process is similar to that found in private industry.
  2. Non-Competitive positions have specific education and experience requirements that must be met. These are referred to as "minimum qualifications". Employers may choose from among the most qualified applicants who meet at least the minimum qualifications.
  3. Labor positions have no requirements. Employers may choose the applicant they feel best suits their needs.

Most positions require Clinton County residency of (30) thirty days.

If you are interested in an untested position in local government (towns, villages, school districts, or the City of Plattsburgh) check directly with that agency to see if they have any vacancies. Complete the same employment application that you would complete for a Civil Service examination but you must return it to the agency with the vacancy.

If you are interested in taking a Civil Service examination for Clinton County you must apply for the examination when it is being announced at our office.

Please be sure that
  • An application is submitted for each test that you wish to take.
  • The correct test number and title are on the application.
  • The application is submitted on or before the closing date listed on the Examination Announcement.
  • All applications must be completed fully and accurately. Applications with incomplete information may result in your disqualification from the test. If you attach a resume, please be sure that it includes the length of employment (months and years), earnings, and hours worked per week for each position you have held.
  • Attach documentation as proof of meeting the minimum qualifications (e.g.: proof of high school, college transcripts ... see exam announcement for details).

Applications for scheduled tests are processed after the closing date for filing. Those that meet the qualifications are notified by email at least one week prior to the test date of the test location and other instructions. Those applicants who do not meet the qualifications are also notified by email.

You can find out what areas each test will cover from the exam announcement. Examination announcements have a section entitled:  Subjects of Examination, and announcements are available in the Clinton County Personnel Department about two to four weeks prior to the closing date for filing your application.

The State of New York Department of Civil Service has published a few entry-level resource booklets for candidates who are applying for jobs with either New York State or local government. These publications and the publication “How to Take a Written Test” can be found on the link below. Refer to your examination announcement, which will have a section entitled: Subjects of Examination. The components of your test will be listed in this section, and are designed to test your skills and/or abilities in the areas listed. Test guides and resource booklets published by the State of New York Department of Civil Service can be found at the Department of Civil Service website by clicking on the following link:

Approximately two to three months after the test date the results are received from the New York State Civil Service Commission, and we notify candidates by email. Only those candidates with a score of 70% or above are placed on the eligible lists.

Everyone ranked above or tied with the third interested candidate on the eligible list can be considered for appointment. This is sometimes referred to as the Rule of Three.

For information on employment/business services for other Clinton County jobs, the Web address for the New York State Department of Labor is: The link for the OneWorkSource Partner group located at 194 U.S. Oval, Plattsburgh, NY is